Franklin College

Canadian Studies

Canada is the United States’ most important trading partner. Despite the close and growing partnership between the two countries, Canada remains fundamentally different from the United States in terms of culture, society, and politics. Many of its political, social, and economic values and institutions reflect those of European countries and stand in contrast to those of the United States. Thus, the study of Canada enables students to gain a greater appreciation of the United States’ largest neighbor and exposes them to values and institutions widely shared among developed countries other than the United States.

The Canadian Studies program is interdisciplinary in nature.  Teaching faculty in Canadian Studies come from a variety of disciplines, including history, English language and literature, French language and literature, and political science.

The Canadian studies program is designed to develop in students an understanding of the history, society, political institutions, economy, and culture of Canada. The Canadian Studies curriculum places particular emphasis on examining the differences and similarities between Canada and the United States; Canadian-American relations; and the often conflict-ridden relationship between the largely French-speaking province of Quebec and the largely English-speaking rest of the country.

Students trained in Canadian Studies will be able to speak, write, and do research on issues related to Canada. In addition, they will possess knowledge and skills to enable them to function well in an environment requiring international awareness and understanding of cross-cultural exchange.